Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Affordable Photography Backgrounds

  A few years ago I bought two 8x8 backgrounds from this eBay seller hoyafotoworld. 

 I did have a few problems with the photography backgrounds.   After about a year the seams came apart I was able to fix this with some heat tape from Hobby Lobby. Also the backgrounds started to get some odd fading in a few areas. This was easy to fix in photo shop. Aside from these issues I am still very happy with the backgrounds.

I paid roughly around $40 per background.  I found this to be a pretty good price compared to other places that wanted about $100 per background.  

I decided it's time to order some more backgrounds.  So I purchased three new backgrounds which will be arriving soon.  The backgrounds come from China so it takes awhile to receive them.  I normally get 8x8 backgrounds but this seller only offered 10x10 in the backgrounds I wanted on two of them. I am not sure what to aspect. It's been over 2 years since my last order and I am sure a 10x10 will have more seams.  

I will try and do a video review on the new backgrounds and older ones soon. It would have been nice to have found some reviews on some of the backgrounds before purchasing them when I was shopping, so I am sure it will help someone else.

 Below are some photos I have taken with the first two 8x8 backgrounds I purchased a few years ago so you can see the results.

 I will give a update on this soon. 

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