Saturday, October 17, 2015

BloomSky Weather Station

The folks over at where nice enough to sponsor me and send me out this awesome Weather station.

I have used the station for about a week now and first impressions are very good. I mounted my BloomSky weather station on my roof which you can see here. 

The station has some cool features that I really like. The Time Lapse camera is awesome throughout the day the camera takes pictures every 5 minutes. At the end of the day all the images are made into a quick video. You can download this video and share it with your friends or whoever. 

One thing I don't like about the Time Lapse feature is the fact the camera turns off at dark.  They did this I am sure to save battery power and half the time the camera wouldn't capture a lot in the dark so it made since but I would like to have seen an option to control the camera more and allow more user settings. I think it could have a chance at capturing lightning.  The BloomSky is a new product so I bet in the future they will update the app to allow more control.  

Another thing I would like to see is more weather features and custom settings. The station needs WX alerts from the national weather service that are pushed to user's phones.  It also needs a low temperature and high temperature warnings that is custom so a user can get alerts when a temperature is reached.  I would also like to see some social interaction features below each users station. It would be awesome to comment on someone's station or give them feed back. The station is off to a great start but currently I feel that it's more of a gadget then a weather station. 

This shouldn't put you off from buying it.  I highly recommend it I would expect major updates in the near future that will solve most of this.  It's rumored BloomSky will be adding a Rain & Wind gague to the station at some point so product support will be long term. 

My experience overall has been great I am very excited about this product. It's nice to share my BloomSky station on my Facebook page. I highly recommend if you love weather and neat gadgets you pick one up. 

If you want to order a BloomSky visit the website. 

Here's a time lapse video from my BloomSky that I captured yesterday. 

Here's an Unboxing video of the BloomSky Package 

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